Driving Visibility & Celebration of POC

& the Collection Book
featuring 100 Icons, 100 Images and 100 Stories. 

THISISBLACKGROUND is about the power of imagery to affect perceptions and standards of beauty in its depictions of POC.

THISISBLACKGROUND has evolved into an intertextual story that seeks to be a beacon of hope and inspiration to the future of fashion & beauty, in its rare depictions of black and brown infused humans.  

With the sale of each Art Print the THISISBLACKGROUND movement advances in two ways: 

•Anticipated exhibitions in metropolitan centers of the art world, including New York City, Los Angeles, London, and Amsterdam. 

•With 47 additional models to be photographed, the Collectors Book will feature all 100 Icons, 100 Images and 100 Stories.

Created by Giovanni Martins

Visibly celebrated and re-imagined
Fashion & Beauty Portraits of POC

The value of THISISBLACKGROUND stems from its authentic approach to celebrating the beauty of POC,
re-imagining them within existentialist,
minimalist and surrealist notions of visual art.

THISISBLACKGROUND started in May 2019
and has been forged, in part, of Giovanni’s racist experiences while working in the fashion and beauty industry. 

He recalls many client & casting director requests of white models over their black peers, who would have been better suited for their campaigns and look books.

''This is my opportunity to celebrate the beauty
of POC in two distinct ways,
one is through an international exhibition,
the other through the Collection Book''

100 Icons, 100 images, 100 stories

Their individual black & white portraits unveil an all-inclusive humanity rarely seen, experienced, or envisioned
in the world of fashion & beauty and our collective fight
against and subconscious support of endemic racism and xenophobic ideologies. 

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