Needs your help to finalize the production of the
XL Coffee Table Book.
You can contribute by pre-ordering a signed copy of the Book or an Art Print*.
(Anticipated release date: December 2020)

The Coffee Table Book will feature Portraits,
Beauty and  Fashion Imagery
of our 100 iconic models,
exclusive behind-the-scenes images, conversations, interviews, sketches and notes of our creative team of Hair, Makeup, and Fashion stylists.

*Current available Art Prints can be purchased as XL Limited Editions or Open Editions via our Shop and on
For all future available prints, please use the pre-order checkout.

If you would like to become an XL Supporter with custom options or have any inquiries please email

Pre-Order Book + Prints
Art Prints
Pre-Order Book + Prints
Art Prints
Pre-Order Book + Prints
Art Prints

The Future of Thisisblackground

we currently have shot with 63 Icons so we still have a long way to go!
Unfortunately due to Covid-19 we had to halt our production, but we are slowly picking up again, with anticipated shoots in New York, Los Angeles, London and Amsterdam so we are able to create the most iconic and diverse Collection Book to date!
We also have been able to secure a selection of incredible fashion allies, designers, brands and celebrities that combined will push the mission of Thisisblackground even further and reach a larger audience.

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